The name of this non-profit organization shall be the South Carolina Cheerleader Coaches Association.


The purpose of this organization is to provide a support group for cheerleader coaches and advisors, to promote cheerleader coaches and advisors as dedicated professionals, to promote the belief that cheerleaders are talented and skilled athletes, and to promote the uniformity of safety guidelines for all cheerleaders in the state of South Carolina.


Section 1:  Any high school cheerleader coach/advisor who agrees to conform to the rules of the association shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2:  Any junior high school or middle school coach/advisor who agrees to conform to the rules of the association shall be eligible for membership.

Section 3:  Any state college, private college, or junior college coach/advisor who agrees to conform to the rules of the association shall be eligible for membership.

Section 4:  Any all-star coach/advisor who agrees to conform to the rules of the association shall be eligible for membership.

Section 5:  Application for membership and payment of dues shall be made to the Executive Secretary of the SCACA of which we hold auxiliary membership.

Section 6:  Membership shall be renewed annually by repayment of dues for any active or inactive coach.


Section 1:  The officers of the association shall be the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, parliamentarian, and board representatives.

The president must be a current coach.

Section 2:  The Executive Board shall be the governing body and shall consist of the following:

a: president

b. vice-president

c. recording/corresponding secretary

d. treasurer

e. board representatives

f.  past president(s)

g. parliamentarian

Section 3:  Any association member, with at least 3 years of current membership, shall be eligible to hold office.  The term of office for all elected officers shall be 2 years with an unspecified term limit.  The term of office for at-large appointments shall be one year.

Section 4:  The executive officers shall be nominated at the Spring meeting every 2 years, and elections will be held at the Summer Coaches Clinic in July.

Section 5:  If any member of the executive board misses 3 meetings, they may be replaced at the discretion of the President.

Section 6:  Should a vacancy occur in any executive office between association meetings, the President, with the consent of the remaining executive board, shall appoint a successor.


Section 1:  President:

a.  preside over all monthly meetings and activities of the association

b.  call any non-scheduled meetings

c.  appoint committee chairpersons (who will, in turn, appoint committee members)

d.  share financial responsibilities with the treasurer

e.  appoint region contact persons

Section 2:  Vice-President:

a.  preside over all meetings and activities in the absence of the president

b.  act as liaison between committe charipersons and the president

c.  publish association newsletter

Section 3:  Recording/Corresponding Secretary

a.  record minutes of each meeting, clinic, etc.

b.  maintain a current membership roster

c.  conduct all correspondence of the association

d.  provide executive board members with minutes of meetings and current information

e.  provide region contact persons with labels and names of high school coaches as well as members of the SCCCA within their regions

Section 4:  Treasurer:

a.  keep all financial records of the association

b.  collect all competition and other fees of the association

c.  provide an updated financial and membership report at all executive meetings

d.  provide to the secretaries any additions or deletions in association membership

Section 5:  Parliamentarian:

a.  ensure Robert's Rules of Order are followed at all meetings

b.  ensure that all by-laws and the constitution of the SCCCA are followed at all meetings

Section 6:  Area Represetative

a.  act as an information resource of the association within their areas

b.  act as a liaison between their areas and the executive board.

c.  If any area representatives misses  3 meetings, they will be replaced.


a.  The Executive Board will have a minimum of 8 monthly meetings per year.

b.  For any action to be taken concerning the SCCCA, the Executive Board must have a majority of the Executive Board present.


Annual dues of $7.00 for SCCCA plus current dues for SCACA shall be paid to the Executive Director of the SCACA.  This amount entitles a member to all rights and privileges of both associations and the summer clinic.  These are due to the SCACA by July 10 of each year.